Top 3 Children Shoes

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1. Blue Clue:                                                                                                   
Top 3 Children Shoes

This shoe is basically falling under the little men’s section and is a brilliant choice since the feet can be airy and comfortable with the peep toe facility while the wide belts grip the feet and sandal in place. The first attractive characteristic is its cool calm blue color. A kid likes to bathe in color and so giving him a wide variety to rock, this show is a mixture of Prussian blue or dark blue; along with light and semi-light blue hues. This is absolutely a casual accessory and being comfortable and durable can be used while going out for the evening match in your block or a rainy day water logged street. This is also good for a movie day or the day at the day the school takes him for an external excursion.                                                                                       
2. Sunshine Meadow:
Top 3 Children Shoes
Children want bright, children want colors, children want patterns and to compromise every of those characteristics into one final product is indeed an awesome idea. This is why the shoe above is the perfect item to gift her. It has got the bright golden yellow color with small cut-out patterns that resemble a flower. For a greater pleasure, even the insides of the shoe are patterned. A belt right across the two ends completes the look of the shoe and adds a cute quotient to it. This is appropriate with any monochrome dress, or maybe with a matching yellow one. The soft white interior and white pad underneath the sole provides comfort when wore since the tender feet might get hurt during all the running and fun and frolic and so safety is must whilst choosing kids wear

3. Pink Comfort:
Top 3 Children Shoes

For some fashion means trends and for others, fashion means comfort. A long day out can be hectic for a kid and what is most needed at this time is a comfortable attire and what’s more comfy than non-heel pumps.  If you’re looking out for a shoe that fits the day and yet looks good on your little one, opt for this pink pumps. While the body is striped with colors like white and brown, the interiors scream pink. A flower pattern on the side of the shoe is for the added points.  Suitable for sports day or cycling during the eve, this pump comes with extra padding in the front with a soft padding at the back so that the comfort level always stay put.


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